Floating Nitro

The simplest way to build & deploy
Serverless Node.js
backends on Azure

Nitro is a heavily opinionated template for building Serverless applications with
NestJS, the fastest-growing NodeJS framework in the world by github stars.


Database support
with Azure Table Storage.


File Upload
with Azure Blob Storage.


with Azure Functions.


  • TypeScript

    Built natively in TypeScript a Nitro-Stack NestJS application gives you the confidence of Type safety with the productivity of JavaScript.

  • Effortlessly Scalable

    Nitro applications are Serverless, they scale automatically and you only pay for what you use. From the application hosting, to file-upload to the database support, all parts of a Nitro stack auto-scale.

  • Large Ecosystem

    A NestJS application sits on either express or fastify (you choose) with access to both platforms diverse ecosystem of modules and packages

  • GraphQL and Rest

    No need to choose upfront, a NestJS application allows you to expose entities as either a series of Rest endpoints or a single GraphQL endpoint.

  • Azure

    Your gateway to over 100 Azure cloud services.


A Nitro application is just a NestJS application with Serverless support on Azure. So to begin create a NestJS application

npm i -g @nestjs/cli
nest new nitro-cats
cd nitro-cats
nest start

To deploy as a serverless application on Azure you first need to add the nest add @nestjs/azure-func-http module, this converts your NestJS application to a Serverless Azure Function.

npm i -g @nestjs/cli
nest new nitro-cats
cd nitro-cats
nest start

We need to build a home for our application in the Cloud, to do that we use Hexa. Hexa is a CLI tool to help you easily create and manage resources on the Azure platform.

npm install --global @manekinekko/hexa

You will need an account on the Azure platform, you can get one for free . Once you’ve created one then login with Hexa like so:

hexa login

Then create our home in the cloud.

hexa init --just=functions

Finally deploy our application to the cloud!

hexa deploy

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